Recently I attended an event affectionately known as “wakey wakey’, this was a charity event which was organised by one of my work colleagues to raise money for a local cancer charity. It was a glorious day and fantastically organised, plenty to entertain children and adults alike. All was going well when after an hour or so we found out the photographer wasn’t going to show up, I decided it was probably time to pop the buttons of my shirt open and flash the S underneath and grabbed my camera to step into the void. I hadn’t planned on photographing an event that day, but I managed to get some of the most genuine and moving pictures i’ve ever taken of people who were gathered for nothing but a good cause and to have a good time together.

Catching people unaware I was really happy to get images of people embracing without the pressure of realising there was a camera being pointed at them. A thoroughly good day enjoyed by all, sometimes the unplanned days are the best.

Below are a few of my favourite images.


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