Other than a few events as of late I’ve hardly picked up my camera, I always get an itchy trigger finger if I’ve not been out and about in a few months. This wasn’t down to laziness, it was due to my wife being heavily pregnant. As many of you will be aware from looking at my work, I’m pretty into my long exposures of water and as of the last year or so I’ve been doing some basic astrophotography. Although there are lots of areas to photograph in the midlands, I really like heading to the coast to capture sunsets and also search for clear skies where the stars are more visible. The main issue with this is it usually involves lots of traveling and overnight stays, so the thought of being perched on a pier somewhere or waiting for the milky way to show up at 3am when I get the call to come home and get my wife to the hospital didn’t seem overly appealing. So for that reason I’ve been trying to limit the amount of time spent out of the house, which has impacted my photography.

Spending time at home however doesn’t stop me prepping. For the last few months (or to be honest from the second I found out we were having a baby), I’ve been gathering cute outfits and preparing our new-born baby photo shoot, I’d never profess to be a portrait photographer and my studio experience is limited, but I just couldn’t resist taking my own photos. The main driving force for doing this was I wanted something for us to bond over and hopefully something I can show my daughter one day when’s she’s old enough (I’m sure she’ll love the bunny outfit, you’re welcome Daisy).


Daisy has now been in or lives for 16 days, as short a time as it has been I can’t really remember a time before she was here and I was having to consider the well-being of someone else to such a high level. You hear so many times that the love is instant and you’d do anything for them….and its true, it doesn’t really matter what she does, whether she is filling her 5th nappy in 2 hours or screaming for food. Once she looks at you with that half-smile that she’s still trying to master, pretty much everything is right with the world. I won’t pretend its easy, because it’s not, even though as far as new-borns go (and my wife keeps reminding me that I’m jinxing us), she’s really well-behaved. As long as she’s got a fully stomach she’s pretty much content, which I suppose could be true for some adults. I have no doubt that in the coming years she’ll test my patience and drive me nuts making mess….i’m partial to a tidy house….I know that with one flash of that cheeky grin I’ll be putty in her hands,



All in all its been an exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring us, I hope she is ok with having her photo taken….because its probably going to be happening a lot.


Love you Daisy,


Daddy xx

4 thoughts on “Then There Were 3…”

  1. What a beautiful sentiment Sam. Im sure Daisy will be just as happy about having her photo taken as her mummy is! 😜 Lovely pictures of a lovely little princess, keep shooting xx

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