I recently got married, which meant finding and hiring a photographer. Like anyone with a passion for photography this can be a difficult process as I knew what I liked (and arguably more important what I didn’t like), so I wanted to find someone with the same perception of what wedding photography should be. Luckily I found an amazing photographer who shared my love for candid people shots and shied away from the generic “everyone look at the camera and smile” pictures….not to say they don’t have their place.

Having discussed different shots, locations and options for the day it really got me wondering if I would be capable of taking charge and doing this on someone else’s big day? There can be no denying that photographing a wedding can be unbelievably stressful, you have to combat with hundreds of people, most of which don’t want their photo taken whilst trying to keep the bride calm…the bride’s mother calm…and ensuring that all of granny’s hat is in the shot!

I’ve been asked to do weddings in the past but I’ve always declined, partly due to my lack of experience of photographing people, but largely down to potentially ruining someone’s big day by taking pictures they don’t like. More recently however I’ve done a few events and been allowed to be a second shooter at a friend’s wedding and all the feedback has been very positive, (someone cried looking at my shots but I’m taking that as a good thing). This has certainly given me confidence that I can indeed handle a big event like a wedding and give people the images they can cherish for a long time, with more events rapidly coming in maybe my sunsets and long exposure work might have to take a back seat….but not for too long hopefully.

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