Well, what a difference a week can make. Up until Thursday I had a reasonably quiet weekend planned, I had a surprise 60th birthday party to photograph on Saturday evening with possibly some gardening lined up before hand…..so not jam packed! Then Thursday evening I was put in contact with one of the co-founders of Western Assembly clothing line, an up and coming high end mens fashion supplier who required a photographer to re-shoot their entire product line.

After a brief discussion I was booked in for first thing Saturday morning, there was a seemingly endless array of mens clothes to work through. It wasn’t a case of just taking generic shots to show how these clothes can hang on a washing line, it was stressed to me that they really wanted the feel of the clothes to be brought through. You can see from the image above that the clothes have incredible detail and are a bespoke design, so it was a challenge to really convey this without having to take endless photos from hundreds of angles. It was about quickly assessing each item and trying to find the most interesting aspects and really bringing that to a potential clients attention.

So 7 hours and 843 photos later I was left with a full memory card, a smoking trigger finger (and a slightly claw like hand fixed in a shooting position). Needless to say it was completely worth it, working for the first time in a fashion environment with two people who completely believe in what they’re doing and didn’t see the product photographs as simply a means to an end was a joy to work in.

So with a quick battery change and a fresh memory card I was then ready to start photographing the surprise birthday party. It couldn’t have been a better group of people to be around, admittedly I was absolutely shattered and a group of people standing around on edge due to some stranger walking amongst them taking photographs wouldn’t have been the greatest end to the day. Thankfully, there wasn’t a hint of that, it was instead a family affair built completely on the joy of getting together and seeing each other, old friends, distant relatives, work colleagues, everyone was welcome, including me. This made my job very easy, I didn’t need to try and generate the warmth and tone of my photos I simply had to capture what was already there, I’d happily say it was my favourite event to date with the results i’m most pleased with.



You can see more photos from the birthday party in “Jagdev Surprise Birthday Party” in the Events category of my website. You can also see all the products I was shooting for Western Assembly by visiting their website at http://westernassembly.com




4 thoughts on “New Territory”

  1. Sam! Thanks again for the amazing shots you took on Saturday. Launching a business is tough enough without the added pressure of not being 100% happy with how product is being conveyed. You helped us change that and we couldn’t be loving your work more!

    You’ll slowly start to see the product shots change at http://www.westernassembly.com so keep your eyes out! The first chance has been the beautiful Kestin Hare TShirt, made in the UK, and shown by your photography brilliantly; http://westernassembly.com/Kestin-hare-wren-grey-marl-tee-product-51.html

    Look forward to the next project!

  2. Thank you Sam, for your brilliant photos of my dad’s surprise party and your lovely words about the event! It was great to have you there so we didn’t have to worry about capturing moments and could just enjoy them instead!

    Nav x

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