It’s a new year, christmas has come and gone, we’ve all eaten and drunk to excess and have thoroughly thrown ourselves into some sort of new diet and or exercise program by now. Photography wise I intend to make some big leaps forward this year, I’ve already taken a booking for a wedding (early 2015), with a few more potential bookings coming soon. One thing I’m focussing on this year is really getting my photography out there, I’ve spent the last few years with my images sat on my hard drive being seen by selected family and friends on Facebook. I’m intending now to be much more proactive pushing it into the market.

Towards the end of last year I was given a 1 month showing in an art gallery (Leabrookes Derbyshire), which was something I never thought would happen. I’m always critical of my own work and for someone to be prepared to exhibit my images as part of their business was hugely humbling and a massive confidence boost. I’ve also got a selection of images being displayed at a local fitness centre which again was a huge boost and I can’t thank the owners enough for giving me the opportunity.

My main goal this year however, is to get an image featured in DSLR magazine. Its something I’ve been reading for years and to get an image selected to be featured in there would truly be one of life’s goals ticked off, so I’m setting myself a target of achieving it this year. It will mean many trips away, getting up and strange times, lots of planning, creativity and a very patient wife. Obviously, I’m one of many millions of people all around the world who has the same ambition, but for me, to get one image that a professional deemed worthy of putting in a magazine of that stature, would be an unbelievable personal achievement


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