Hi I’m Sam,

I’m a Nottinghamshire based photographer who has spent most of my life in Swanwick Derbyshire so I’m very familiar with all the surrounding areas. I have been taking photos for about 5 years now, I’ve been lucky enough to have some beautiful natural surroundings where I grew up but I’ve also travelled to Europe and Australia. I like experimenting with light and filters in order to achieve different images, I mostly enjoy water based photography as I enjoy the unpredictability of how it can react under certain exposures.

More recently I’ve taken to wedding / event photography, it’s always been something I’ve shied away from as portrait photography has never been one of my key interest. After shooting my first wedding I realised how different to shooting portraits it truly is, having a model sat in a studio is a far cry from hundreds of people interacting, laughing, joking, cheering and crying. You can get some beautiful natural shots and can really make someone’s day by capturing a moment that might have been lost forever.

Please have a look through my images I always enjoy interacting with people whether it be fellow photographers or anyone that just has an interest in photography. All my prints are available for purchase and i’m also available for event photography.

Please come and say hello.


Sam Radford


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